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TrajTracker Analyze: Installation

Note: TrajTracker Analayze is an alpha version and may still contains some bugs.


To install TrajTracker Analyze as a toolbox: download this installer script and run it from Matlab.

Alternatively, you can download the toolbox manually to a directory of your choice. This is less convenient, but may be useful if you plan to make several changes:

  1. Download the toolbox scripts from our Github repository.

  2. Add to your matlab path the directories BASE, BASE/util, and BASE/tthelp (where BASE is the directory containing the +tt folder).​

  3. Download this file, save it in your matlab path, and edit it to point to the root directory of your data files. For more information on the organization of data directories in TrajTracker Analyze, run help tt.DirStruct.


Documentation and help is provided as part of the toolbox:

  • For an API reference of TrajTracker Analyze functions, type help tt in Matlab.

  • To read explanations by topic, type help tt.Help

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