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TrajTracker Paradigms: Sample scripts
Basic discrete-choice task

Creating a basic two-choice task requires almost no coding: You only need to initialize the environment, set few configuration parameters, define a stimulus file, and call 4 functions to initialize and run the experiment.

The following script is such a basic experiment: on each trial, the word "left" or "right" appears, and you need to drag your finger to the corresponding response button.

To try out this script, you would also need to download the CSV trials file.

import expyriment as xpy

import trajtracker as ttrk

import trajtrackerp as ttrkp

from trajtrackerp import dchoice


if not xpy.misc.is_android_running():

    xpy.control.defaults.window_mode = True

    ttrk.log_to_console = True


config = dchoice.Config("ChooseDir", max_movement_time=2, data_source="choice_1.csv",


                        feedback_stim_type='rectangle', feedback_select_by='response',




#-- Initialize Expyriment

exp = ttrk.initialize()


if not xpy.misc.is_android_running():



#-- Get subject info

(subj_id, subj_name) = ttrkp.common.get_subject_name_id()


#-- Run the experiment

exp_info = dchoice.initialize_experiment(config, exp, subj_id, subj_name)



#-- Shutdown Expyriment


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